After Hallux Valgus Surgery

After Hallux Valgus Surgery

It means the big toe bends inward and the big toe joint is deformed. hallux valgus after surgery The healing process can usually range from a few weeks to a few months. Since each patient is different, the healing process may vary individually. However, in general, the following information can provide information about the recovery process after this type of operation.

Walking After Hallux Valgus Surgery

After Hallux Valgus SurgeryImmediately after the procedure, they will wrap your foot with a bandage. You will probably need to use an ankle brace or cast. During this period, it is important to protect your feet from the load and rest. During this phase, which is the first weeks of the healing process, bandages and stitches on your foot may be removed.

You may need to wear shoes, but wide, comfortable shoes are generally recommended. Keeping your foot elevated can help reduce swelling and pain. It is also important to limit your physical activities and gradually increase walking.

During the first few months, swelling and pain in your foot usually subside, but full healing may take longer. Physical therapy or rehabilitation programs help you regain muscle strength and increase your range of motion. It is important to regularly do the exercises recommended by your doctor. The full recovery process is usually completed within six months to a year. During this time, your foot's flexibility and mobility improve.

However, in some patients, mild pain or discomfort may persist after surgery. Post-operative complications, although rare, occur. There are risks such as infection, blood clots, nerve damage, or malfunctioning implants. Because, hallux valgus It is necessary to closely monitor the healing process after the procedure. It is also important to follow your doctor's recommendations. It is important to contact your doctor in case of any doubt.

Recovery After Hallux Valgus Surgery

Pain after the procedure is common. Your doctor may recommend painkillers or anti-inflammatory medications. It is important to take your medications regularly to keep the pain under control. Physical therapy or rehabilitation programs can help your foot heal. These programs include exercises to increase muscle strength, restore flexibility, and improve walking techniques.

It is important to wear appropriate shoes in the post-operative period. Shoes with wide toes and flat soles will provide comfort to your feet and reduce pressure. It is important to choose the type of shoes recommended by your doctor. Keeping your foot as elevated as possible during the healing process can reduce swelling. While resting and sleeping, it may be helpful to place your foot on a pillow or elevated surface.

Hallux valgus surgery Regular check-ups and follow-up visits are important. Your doctor will monitor your recovery process. He will then remove the stitches and update the physical therapy plan if he deems it necessary. The treatment and care process is important. You can visit our website to get detailed information about this situation. You can contact us to get information about your questions. Our contact information is on our website.