Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatments

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatments

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a type of syndrome that refers to nerve compression in the wrist. Nerve compression types are common. General symptoms of nerve compression are complaints of pain and numbness. The definitive diagnosis of the disease is made by the electromyography method we call EMG. There are two types of treatment methods.

Non-surgical Methods

The two most important non-surgical treatment methods for carpal tunnel syndrome are exercise and splint. The splint serves to stabilize the wrist. Some exercise methods can also help increase the lubricity of the tendons. However, depending on the severity of the disease, patients may prefer surgery for the continuation of the treatment due to complaints that these methods do not result in a permanent improvement.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery

In carpal tunnel syndrome surgery, the tissue that covers the carpal tunnel and hardens and puts pressure is loosened, and the volume of the tunnel is enlarged. Thus, the pressure on the nerve is eliminated. As a result, the definitive treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is surgery. It is beneficial for patients to receive treatment before it is too late.