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Bone Health

9 July 2018
Strong and healthy bones are very important for a happy and peaceful life. The foods we consume until adulthood and our lifestyle are the most important factors that affect our old age. That's why we depend on what we eat...

Causes of Meniscus Disease

19 June 2018
Although meniscus is known as an athlete's disease, it is a disease that can be seen at any age as a result of advancing age and excessive strain on the knee. The meniscus is responsible for the load distribution on the human knee. Meniscus tears are caused by; Simple knee...

Is There Any Dislocation or Loosening of Hip Prosthesis?

1 May 2018
The exercises and prohibited movements should not be performed for 12 weeks after the surgery. Hip prosthesis loosening occurs between 5-10 years. Apart from this, it is seen in people aged 50 and over. Hip...

What are the Types and Features of Hip Prosthesis?

20 April 2018
 The types of prostheses we use in our hip replacement surgeries consist of ceramic and metal parts. We can divide the prosthetic procedures we use into three groups. Cementless Hip Prostheses With today's technology, prostheses are produced without cement. Cementless prosthesis bone development...

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

27 March 2018
The first complaint of patients is waking up late due to pain and numbness in the hand. The patient wakes up at night and feels the need to shake his hands. As the disease progresses, it starts to do this during the day. This syndrome is a condition that crushes the median nerve passing through the wrist,...

Happy March 14 Medicine Day

14 March 2018
Health is the beginning of everything. I congratulate you on your medical day with my sincerest wishes.

Things to Consider in Osteoporosis

13 March 2018
Osteoporosis is seen not only in the elderly but at all ages. Therefore, everyone should have regular check-ups, eat healthy and exercise. The internal structure of the bones of those who experience osteoporosis deteriorates and their density decreases...

What Causes Knee Calcification?

5 February 2018
Keeping our weight balanced not only protects us from chronic diseases, but is also effective in combating arthritis. Losing weight both protects the knee joint and provides a balanced muscular system. Joint arthritis usually starts with pain and...

What is Congenital Hip Dislocation?

30 January 2018
Congenital Hip Dislocation is the displacement of the head of the femur from its proper socket, which can lead to permanent disabilities if not recognized and treated early. Congenital Hip Dislocation Symptoms are small, not severe dislocation...

What is Knee Calcification? What are the symptoms?

23 January 2018
Knee arthritis is a condition in which the structure of the cartilage in the knee joint deteriorates over time as a result of friction. Symptoms The most common symptom of knee arthritis is pain. The pain increases with movement and decreases with rest. Inside the index...