Causes of Shoulder Pain

Causes of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is the most common condition after back and waist pain. It can be caused by many different reasons. Causes of shoulder pain can be listed as follows.

  • Shoulder pain may occur due to diseases related to internal organs. If we list these diseases; chest diseases, lung diseases or gallbladder diseases causes of shoulder pain It can be between.
  • It is seen in people who have difficulty in shoulder movements when dressing, undressing or in many movements. causes of shoulder pain It is usually caused by shoulder frostbite. Shoulder frostbite is generally more common in diabetics.
  • The cause of pain due to damage to the muscles or nerves around the shoulder may be due to weakening of muscle strength.
  • Muscle tear in your shoulder may occur if you cannot lie down on the sore arm, have difficulty carrying an object, or stab the arm when it is lifted up. Muscle tears cause very serious pain.
  • Conditions such as shoulder dislocation, shoulder looseness or arthritis cause serious shoulder pain.
  • Shoulder pain may occur due to neck hernia.

    causes of shoulder pain

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Acute-Chronic Shoulder Pain

Causes of shoulder pain It is examined in two different sections under the heading of acute and chronic.

  1. Acute (New): Acute pains are pains that occur as a result of some traumas such as falls, impacts, strains, fractures and dislocations. After trauma, this pain manifests itself not immediately but after a few weeks. Due to its structure, the shoulder joint is very sensitive and prone to damage. This pain mostly occurs after movements that force my shoulder to put on curtains, paint a wall, shake something heavy, or install a light bulb on the ceiling. Causes of shoulder pain While it can be caused by many reasons in our daily lives, it can also negatively affect a person's living conditions in many ways. The arm with acute pain should not be strained, otherwise shoulder freezing may occur.
  2. Chronic: Chronic shoulder pain may cause difficulty in the work of the person. This pain can be severe enough to keep you up at night. Over time, these pains may affect you more in your daily living conditions. In chronic pain, physical therapy is generally preferred to increase muscle strength.

Causes and Treatment of Shoulder Pain

Causes of shoulder pain Depending on the situation, the results of radiological examinations are evaluated and the treatment is decided according to the situation. Cold and hot compresses are generally applied for shoulder pain caused by heavy movements. Light exercises are generally recommended for spontaneous shoulder pain. There are many treatment methods, including cortisone injections, physical therapy and surgery. You may need to be examined by a doctor for shoulder pain caused by trauma. The detailed history of the patient who goes to the doctor with shoulder pain is first learned. A treatment plan appropriate to the examined patient is established. Since not every shoulder pain is serious, in some cases, administering medications such as painkillers may be sufficient to relieve the pain. If the cause of the pain does not originate from the shoulder, the cause is found and treatment is applied.

You may need to avoid or do certain things to prevent shoulder pain. These;

causes of shoulder pain

  • Air conditioning wind that directly hits the body should be avoided. This situation is often encountered in summer when people turn on the air conditioner because it is hot inside the car. There are many patients who come to us with arm pain due to this condition.
  • Pressure should not be applied to the painful side.
  • It is recommended to do arm exercises regularly.
  • It is important to support the arms at the elbows while sitting.
  • Movements or heavy loads that will strain your shoulder should be avoided.
  • Care should be taken not to strain your shoulder when picking up items from a height.

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