Knee Prosthesis Surgery at a Young Age

Knee Prosthesis Surgery at a Young Age

Knee prosthesis is used in the treatment of joints that cause pain and loss of function in the person due to wear and tear of the knee joint cartilage. Knee replacement surgery at a young age Damaged bone and cartilage tissues are cleaned and replaced by an artificial joint, which we call a prosthesis.

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Generally, knee prosthesis is applied as a result of excessive damage due to knee arthritis. The joint in the knee cannot function as a result of arthritis or other damage, and when the joint cannot function, the patient experiences great pain and suffering. The patient's pain is first tried to be relieved with painkillers and physical therapy practices. If the patient's aches and pains do not subside, it is decided that knee replacement surgery will be performed. Knee prosthesis surgery is generally performed on older people due to knee arthritis. Knee replacement surgery at a young age It is also applied for many different reasons. Knee replacement surgery at a young age Some reasons for its implementation are as follows:

  • Meniscus tear,
  • Wear and abrasions on the knee,
  • It is caused by conditions such as joint damage.

You can continue reading our blog posts to get answers to your curiosity about the risks, advantages, and types of knee prosthesis for young people who will have knee prosthesis surgery.

Risks of Knee Prosthesis Surgery at a Young Age

Knee Prosthesis Surgery at a Young Age
Knee Prosthesis Surgery at a Young Age

Knee replacement is a serious surgery and carries very serious risks. Although rare, serious risks may occur that can be life-threatening. It is rare to encounter anesthesia-related complications in a classical knee replacement surgery. The success of knee replacement may decrease due to a technical problem in the application of the surgery. Especially in the medium and long term, knee prosthesis may loosen prematurely. Infection may occur in these patients even with the most appropriate antibiotics.

Advantages of Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is a treatment method that has many advantages. It is effective in permanently ending severe pain and suffering caused by damage and wear and tear caused by knee arthritis or other reasons. Thanks to the knee prosthesis, you can walk and run more comfortably and healthier than before. It has been determined that it can be used for nearly 20 years. There is no age limit to have this surgery. You will recover from the surgery in a short time and you can start walking with the help of crutches. After four weeks, you can start walking completely without crutches. However, in order to avoid putting too much strain on the knee, you should not start doing any pressure or sports activity without receiving doctor's approval. When you notice symptoms such as strain or pain in your knee, you can go to a specialist doctor for a check-up.

Knee Prosthesis Types

With the development of technology and the development of many treatment mechanisms in medicine, many treatment options have emerged. There are two different types of knee prosthesis: total knee prosthesis and partial knee prosthesis. In case of knee arthritis on one side of the joint, the preferred prosthesis is partial knee prosthesis. The prosthesis used in the treatment of arthritis occurring in the entire area of the knee is total knee prosthesis. Prosthesis should be preferred according to the severity, location and type of health condition affecting the knee joint. In general

Total Knee Prosthesis

 Total knee prosthesis, advanced age and knee replacement surgery at a young age It is one of the most commonly used surgical methods for patients suffering from Total knee prosthesis is also used when the entire joint is replaced. In total knee replacement surgery, the patient's knee joint is opened with open surgery, and after the necessary cleanings are made in the patient's knee joint, implants are placed following appropriate cleanings in the joint and a metal knee is created. In order to prevent friction between metals, a polyethylene material is placed in between, allowing the metals to slide on each other. It is thought that total knee prosthesis has a usage period of approximately 20 years. Knee replacement surgery at a young age It causes people who have had it to need a second knee replacement surgery in the future.

Partial Knee Prosthesis

Partial knee prosthesis, commonly called half prosthesis, is a prosthesis that replaces only the kneecap and replaces only the inner joint surface of the knee. It is to repair only the damaged part of the knee joint and protect the other parts, allowing the brain to learn the feeling, pressure and pressure during movement in the knee. They consist of a plastic spacer between two metal surfaces. Prosthetics may be preferred in patients whose joint wear is only in a limited area of the knee. The surgery is performed through a small incision. The recovery period is fast and less painful. The patient stays in the hospital for one day after the surgery and can stand up immediately.

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