Meniscus Tear Treatment

Meniscus Tear Treatment

It is the rupture of two cartilage discs located on the inside of the knee. This may occur as a result of sudden turning or forced bending during sports activities. Meniscus tear treatment It is quite common and is often seen in athletes, especially football players. Symptoms may vary from person to person. But common symptoms include:

Swelling and a feeling of stiffness may occur in the knee. Pain may occur. The inside of the area may become compressed and lock the knee or create a feeling of being stuck. This may prevent full movement. There may be limitation of movement. Pain and limitation may be felt during bending or straightening movements. Balance and stability may be impaired. In this case, the person may have difficulty maintaining balance and the risk of falling may increase.

Meniscus Tear Treatment Diagnosis

Meniscus Tear Treatment

It is usually diagnosed through a comprehensive physical examination and imaging tests. The doctor performs a series of maneuvers to assess range of motion and stability. It also contributes to the diagnosis by observing pain, swelling and other symptoms. However, imaging tests can also be used to confirm the correct diagnosis.

Meniscus tear treatment The most commonly used method for diagnosis is MRI. MRI helps diagnose by creating a detailed image of the knee. In some cases, ultrasound imaging can also help diagnose a tear.

Options for Meniscus Tear Treatment

The healing method may vary depending on the size and location of the tear and the patient's symptoms. In cases of small tears and mild symptoms, non-surgical methods are preferred. These options include rest, ice, pain relievers, and physical therapy exercises.

It is performed to strengthen the knee muscles, increase flexibility and restore range of motion. Surgical intervention may be required for large or complex tears and cases with severe symptoms. Surgical options include repair or partial meniscectomy (removal of the tear). These procedures are usually performed by arthroscopic surgery.

It is performed by placing a special camera and surgical instruments into the knee through small incisions. Severe meniscus tear treatment  or complete loss, meniscus transplantation may be an option. In this process, the damaged area of the knee is replaced by taking it from the donor. Transplant is usually considered in more severe cases and when other options have failed.

Things to pay attention

Ruptures vary depending on the individual situation and case. Therefore, the healing process should be evaluated by a doctor. An individual-specific approach should be adopted. With early diagnosis and appropriate treatment, the healing process of meniscus tears is generally successful. It allows the person to return to normal activities.