Meniscus Treatment Methods

Meniscus Treatment Methods

Meniscusis one of the most common knee problems we encounter. Menisci are c-shaped cartilage structures located between the calf bone and shin bone. We call the inner meniscus the inner meniscus and the outer meniscus the outer meniscus. The reason for its occurrence in young people is generally seen in rotation-related trauma. If it is due to aging, the meniscus may become sensitive. Meniscus injury even when climbing stairs  It may rupture.

meniscus Meniscus Treatment

Patients usually come to us complaining of pain. In case of a meniscus tear, we examine the patient and observe him for a while instead of taking him into surgery immediately. As a result of the MRI results, we plan the treatment according to the type of meniscus tear. If the patient is young and the torn piece comes out of its place and comes between the two bones, locks the knee and cannot open the knee. There is an emergency and we are performing knee arthroscopy. Patients in the elderly group  After examining and taking an MRI Then we observe a period of 5-6 months.  If frequent discharge or locking occurs in the patient's knee and disrupts the patient's daily life. greatly affects We find the patient suitable for surgery.

Treatment Types for Meniscus

Surgical intervention method

It is generally an intervention performed in patients whose meniscus has previously been removed, to prevent future disorders and to regain knee mobility.

Arthroscopy method

It is a method that has been used more and more frequently in recent years. No stitching is required after the surgery, which is performed with very small incisions. The recovery period is quite short and with this method the patient can be discharged on the same day.