What are Bone Diseases?

What are Bone Diseases?

In general, we may encounter conditions such as weakening, breaking or melting of bones due to age. The main causes of all these bone diseases are; nutrition, lifestyle and genetic history of the patient. We frequently encounter symptoms of bone diseases whereas,bone diseases

  • Pain in the joints
  • Visible shrinkage of bones
  • Redness or bruising on the skin surface where the bones are located
  • Noise coming from bones while moving
  • Curvatures and deformities in bones
  • Bones breaking or falling out too quickly
  • Disorders in the shape of healthy bone structure

Common Bone Diseases

Osteoporosis (Bone Melting): This disease, which is generally seen more in people over the age of 50, occurs due to decreased bone density. If treatment is delayed, it causes other diseases such as bone fractures and herniated disc.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: It occurs due to inflammation of the muscles and joints in the body. This disease reduces bone density in the body.

Bone Rheumatism: Although the reason is not known exactly, it is because the bone tissues cause pain in the patient due to the humidity in the environment.

Rickets: It is the weakness of the bones due to weakening. There are many factors that cause this disease. It is a disease that we frequently encounter during the growth period.

Bone diseases can be caused by many different reasons and of different types. If you have more than one of the symptoms of bone diseases that we frequently encounter, you need to see an orthopedist immediately.