What are the Types and Features of Hip Prosthesis?

What are the Types and Features of Hip Prosthesis?

Total Hip Replacement The types of prostheses we use in our hip replacement surgeries consist of ceramic and metal parts. We can divide the prosthetic procedures we use into three groups.

Cementless Hip Prostheses
With today's technology, prostheses are produced without cement. Cementless prostheses provide bone development, that is, growth. Prostheses are placed on the pelvis and femur. The growing bone fuses with the prosthesis and moves as a whole.

There are three types of prostheses among medical products;

Total Hip Replacement1-Metal-head and plastic housing
2-Ceramic head and ceramic seat
3-Metal head and metal seat


Cemented Prostheses
They are types of prostheses produced with chemicals and attached using adhesives. The average usage period is 25 years. The materials used in these prostheses have an extremely low breakage rate.

Surface coating
The surface coating option is born with the latest developing technology. The surface coating method is generally preferred by young and active people. There is no possibility of the prosthesis used moving from its socket or coming out of place. Such operations take an average of 40 minutes. continues.