What is Arthroscopic Surgery?

What is Arthroscopic Surgery?

It is the method used to diagnose and treat joint problems. Minimally invasive method arthroscopic surgery It is called. In this method, an arthroscope, a small camera, is inserted into the joint.

It allows the surgeon to examine and intervene in the joint. In this way, intra-articular problems, damages and diseases require less discomfort and recovery time. It can be treated less invasively.

It is generally used in the diagnosis and treatment of joint problems such as knee, shoulder, wrist and elbow. It helps patients recover faster and experience fewer complications.

In Which Situations Is Arthroscopic Surgery Applied?

What is Arthroscopic Surgery?

It can be used to repair or remove the meniscus in cases where the joint cushions called menisci are torn. If the anterior cruciate ligament within the knee joint is torn or damaged, repair can be done.

Conditions such as intra-articular inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis can be treated. Loose objects stuck inside or abnormal tissue growths inside can be removed. If the joint capsule becomes loose or ruptured, repair of the capsule may be possible.

It may be preferred when damaged tissue parts need to be cleaned. It can be used for tendon tears or damage, especially in areas such as the shoulder or elbow. It can be applied to correct some joint deformities or congenital abnormalities. Since it is less invasive than traditional open surgery, there is less pain. It offers advantages such as a faster healing process and a smaller scar.

However, every patient and situation is different. Therefore, it is important to evaluate treatment options before consulting a doctor. Arthroscopic surgery, It is an option that a doctor can recommend depending on the patient's needs.

Things to Consider After Arthroscopic Surgery

What is Arthroscopic Surgery?

Follow the instructions given by your surgeon carefully. Take medications regularly and go to your appointments on time. During the first few days, rest and protect the joint from load as recommended.

However, it is important to regain joint movements early by working with a physical therapist. Keep the surgical area clean and dry. Follow instructions to prevent wound infection during the healing process.

Use prescribed painkillers and antibiotics regularly. It is important for pain control and reducing the risk of infection. Swelling and edema are normal after surgery. You can choose to apply ice to ease the process. You can also use methods such as elevating the leg. Regularly follow the physical therapy program recommended by your doctor. It will help you regain joint movements and increase muscle strength.

Maintaining a healthy diet can speed up your recovery process. A diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals can support your recovery. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption after surgery may negatively affect the healing process. Stay away from harmful habits. The time to return to work and normal daily activities may vary depending on the processes your surgeon recommends.

Take your time and avoid heavy work and sports without your doctor's approval. Arthroscopic surgery A careful recovery process will help you achieve the best result. It is important to stick to your surgeon's recommendations. You can make this process easier by doing regular follow-up checks.

Recovery Process After Arthroscopic Surgery

Immediately after surgery, a few hours of observation may be required. You can then be discharged home. The joint where the operation is performed can be fixed with an elastic bandage or plaster cast. It is important to reduce swelling by keeping the surgical area elevated. In the first few days, rest, ice application and the use of elevated legs are important. The recovery process is individual and may vary depending on the type of surgery. The full recovery process can take from several weeks to several months.

Your doctor will let you know when you can fully return to activities. It will tell you if there are any limitations. It is important to continue physical therapy to regain your joint range of motion and muscle strength. Arthroscopic surgery The recovery process is personal and may be different for each patient. Following your doctor's advice and instructions is important for a successful recovery process.