Why Does Knee Prosthesis Loosen?

Why Does Knee Prosthesis Loosen?

Knee prosthesis consists of metal and plastic parts. Why does a knee prosthesis loosen? When it comes to the subject, these parts may wear out over time due to the friction that occurs during movement. Due to wear, small pieces of metal and plastic appear. These parts react to the body and the parts of the knee prosthesis separate from the bone and become loose. Knee prosthesis can generally last for an average of twenty-five years.

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  • Can Knee Prosthesis Be Replaced When It Loosens?
  • Is Maintenance Done for Knee Prosthesis?

At the end of twenty-five years, loosening or other conditions begin to occur. This may take longer depending on the person. How the patient uses the prosthesis is very important for the life of the prosthesis. There are some rules for using the prosthesis. It is necessary to comply with these rules. Knee arthroplasty

Why does a knee prosthesis loosen?

After surgery, patients should act very carefully while sitting and lying down. Knee prosthesis should be performed by expert orthopedists.

Local anesthesia is not preferred when performing knee replacement surgery. This surgery takes place under general or epidural anesthesia.

Why Does a Knee Prosthesis Loosen or Break?

Since the knee prosthesis is made of metal, it is almost impossible to break it. However, as a result of any trauma, the bone held by the prosthesis may break. What should be feared is the bone, not the prosthesis. In addition, the plastic part between the metal that forms the prosthesis does not break, but it may wear out over time.

Can Knee Prosthesis Be Replaced When It Loosens?

If the patient's prosthesis becomes loose, repairing it is absolutely out of the question. When the knee prosthesis becomes loose, it must be surgically removed and a new one must be inserted. Why does a knee prosthesis loosen? In answer to the question, it is also known to be caused by the bone leaving the prosthesis or due to infection.

Symptoms of Knee Prosthesis Loosening

  • Severe pain felt in the knee
  • Change in shape of the leg
  • Swellings in the shadow of the knees
  • Noises coming from the knee while walking or moving.
  • In cases where the knee pain does not go away despite taking painkillers, the knee prosthesis may loosen.

Knee Prosthesis AmWhy does a knee prosthesis loosen?Is There Edema After Surgery?

Try to do physical therapy exercises as often as you can to prevent edema after knee replacement surgery. There are many resources for those who do not know these exercises. You can source both content and application visuals from anywhere. After knee replacement surgery, mild edema and swelling may usually occur in the operated area. This swelling occurs only in the operated part, not in the entire leg. By supporting it with exercise, you can help the swelling go down after a few days and help you get used to the knee prosthesis more easily. The swelling and edema in your knee will disappear within an average of two and a half or three weeks.

According to a study, knee prosthesis loosening has been observed in three to ten percent of those who have undergone knee prosthesis surgery in the last ten years. As a result of this situation, most people who have knee replacement surgery Why does knee prosthesis loosen? They make an effort to research the question in a very curious way.

Is Maintenance Done for Knee Prosthesis?

There is no special maintenance required for knee prosthesis users. However, for the person's own benefit, the things that need to be done to ensure that the prosthesis he uses is longer-lasting are listed below.

Why does knee prosthesis loosen?


  • It is very important for the life of the prosthesis that the person using the knee prosthesis does not gain or lose weight.
  • Exercise should also not be neglected.
  • You can prevent possible problems by not neglecting your routine checks.

To learn more about knee replacement exercises, you can check out our articles on other pages.

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Your mother had prosthesis surgery 9 years ago. She is 60 years old. She says one knee is fine, but the other knee is getting stuck. It is fine in hot weather, but she says she suffers more severe pain and gets stuck when the weather is bad and cold. What could be the reason?

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