Causes of Meniscus Disease

Causes of Meniscus Disease

Although meniscus is known as an athlete's disease, it is a disease that can be seen at any age as a result of advancing age and excessive strain on the knee. The meniscus is responsible for the load distribution on the human knee. Meniscus tears are caused by;

  • Simple knee injuries
  • Sudden and harsh movements
  • Falling or getting hit during sports
  • Getting up suddenly from a crouching position
  • With advancing age, the menisci become weak and tear easily.
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How Do We Diagnose Meniscus Tear?

MRI: MRI is the most effective method for diagnosing a meniscus tear, but it is not a definitive diagnostic method. Meniscus tears in older patients may not be accurately visualized with MRI.

Ultrasound: It helps find loose cartilages thanks to sound waves.

Arthroscopy and Knee X-ray